Breakfast Bowls with Chicken Sausage and Egg Whites

Chicken Sausage & Egg White Breakfast Bowl


Prep Time

Total Time

Gluten Free


5 min

10 min


This gluten-free recipe is packed with fresh veggies and all-natural chicken sausage. We think it’s perfect for breakfast or dinner.

All Natural Fully Cooked Chicken Sausage Skinless Links

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Fully Cooked Skinless Chicken Sausage Links

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3 Jones Dairy Farm Fully Cooked Chicken Sausage Links
5 mushrooms, roughly chopped 
3 egg whites 
4 grape tomatoes, chopped 
1/2 avocado, diced 


Step 1
In small skillet cook sausage according to package directions. Remove from pan and chop. Add mushrooms to pan and sauté until golden brown. Return sausage to pan. 

Step 2
In separate skillet scramble egg whites. Season with salt and pepper. 

Step 3
Put scrambled egg whites into bowl. Top with sausage and mushrooms. Add tomatoes and avocado. Serve.


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