Eggs Benedict with Smoked Ham and Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Ham & Hollandaise Sauce


Prep Time

Total Time

Gluten Free


30 min

30 min


Naturally smoked Jones ham adds tons of flavor to this brunch menu classic that's complete with toasted English muffins and creamy hollandaise sauce.

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Country Club Boneless Slicing Ham

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15 large egg yolks
6 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
2 cups unsalted butter, melted
24 slices Jones Dairy Farm Ham Slices
3 tablespoons white wine vinegar
24 eggs
12 English muffins, split, toasted
Shredded lemon peel (optional)


Step 1
For the hollandaise sauce, place egg yolks, lemon juice and salt in blender; cover. With motor of blender running, gradually pour melted butter through top opening.

Step 2
Blend for an additional 30 seconds or until sauce has thickened.

Step 3
Remove sauce from blender container. Keep warm in saucepan over hot NOT boiling water until ready to use.

Step 4
Pan fry ham slices on pre-heated 325°F flat top grill approximately 1 minute per side or until golden. Remove and keep warm.

Step 5
Add vinegar to deep skillet filled with simmering water at least 3-inches deep. Slip eggs, one at a time into water. Simmer gently until desired degree of doneness is reached.

Step 6
For each serving, place 2 English muffin halves on serving plate. Top each with 2 slices ham and one poached egg. Spoon hollandaise sauce over each half. Garnish with lemon peel.

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