Salmon with Smoked Bacon and Leek Puree and Smoked Bacon Broth Recipe

Salmon with Smoked Bacon and Leek Puree and Bacon Broth


Prep Time

Total Time

Gluten Free


65 min

75 min


Salmon is served with a smoky bacon and leek puree, bacon broth and purple potato crisps for an elegant dish with a rich, smoky bacon profile that will have guests asking for more.

Dry Aged Fully Cooked Bacon Slices

This recipe is made with

Dry Aged Cherrywood Smoked Bacon, Uncooked

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You can also make this recipe with

Cherrywood Smoked Bacon, Extra Thick Slices Dry Aged Hickory Smoked Bacon, Uncooked


2 ¼ cups Jones Dairy Farm Dry Aged Bacon, chopped
½ pound leeks, chopped
½ pounds onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
¼ cup cream
Salt to taste
1 pound onion, diced
½ pound carrot, peeled and diced
½ pound celery, diced
1.5-2 quarts chicken stock
Sachet: garlic clove, thyme, bay leaf, peppercorns, parsley stems
1 medium purple potato
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
2 (4-5 oz) salmon fillets
Butter for basting


Step 1
For the puree, sear ¼ cup bacon until golden, remove. Sweat leeks and chopped onions in reserved bacon fat. Once leek and onion are translucent, add garlic and stir. Add bacon and cream and continue to cook until aromatics are soft and cream has reduced. Add salt to taste.

Step 2
Puree mixture in blender leaving liquid in pan, only adding liquid when too thick to blend. If mixture becomes thin, make enough slurry to thicken puree, bring puree to boil, combine slurry and puree, and whisk. Strain puree through chinois and place in piping bag for plating.

Step 3
For the bacon broth, render remaining 2 cups bacon until crisp, remove. Add diced onion, carrot and celery to pan and sweat in bacon fat until tender. Add stock, sachet and bacon. Bring to a simmer and cook for half hour. Add salt, skim and strain. Keep hot for plating.

Step 4
Peel potato and shave paper thin on mandolin. Shingle potato into 3-inch round circle, brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Place between two pieces of parchment paper with small sheet tray on top to keep flat. Bake until golden crisp, 7-10 mins.

Step 5
Season salmon on both sides and place skin side down in hot oil. Press salmon with fish spatula to maintain even cooking. Once salmon skin becomes golden add butter to pan and cook until bubbly and golden brown. Baste salmon until medium rare. Remove to paper towel to strain excess fat.

Step 6
Serve salmon on top of potato crisp. Pipe bacon and leek puree onto plate and serve with seared leeks and asparagus tips. Pour bacon broth table side.

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