Meet the latest school nutrition standards with Jones on your menu.

Our great-tasting, all-natural breakfast sausage products are the perfect choice for school menus. Available in turkey, chicken and pork varieties, they’re lower in fat and sodium and are always Certified Gluten-Free. If you’re a school foodservice administrator, contact a representative for a free sample today.

Balanced Nutrition

Balanced Nutrition

We’re committed to helping you serve great-tasting, all-natural products. We also understand that you have to adhere to strict school nutrition standards. That’s why our savory wholesale sausage links and patties are made with 50% less sodium and no binders, fillers or MSG. They’re also low in fat, high in protein and full of flavor for a taste kids love—so they'll end up in their tummies, not the trash. And since they're always Certified Gluten-Free, you'll have one less thing to worry about.

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Peace of Mind

Jones Dairy Farm offers some of the safest packaging in the foodservice industry. Every sausage order is placed in a sealed bag to help protect and ensure the product’s wholesomeness—guaranteeing the delivery of a premium, quality product for peace of mind, every time.

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Our Piece Count Guarantee

In addition to using only all-natural ingredients in our breakfast sausage, we also offer a guaranteed piece count with every order—so you know exactly what your food costs are at all times. Which means if we say 80, you get 80. That way, you’re never short “just a couple of sausages” and scrambling to buy another box.