All-natural Jones products add unmatched quality and flavor to your menu.

At Jones, we create innovative products that are unlike anything on the market. We use only the finest ingredients and avoid shortcuts, a distinction that translates to your menu. See what Jones Dairy Farm can do to set your business apart.

Quality & Integrity in Every Product

Quality & Integrity in Every Product

We go out of our way to offer high-quality, great-tasting wholesale products that meet your specific needs.

Take our all-natural breakfast sausage: with so many consumers demanding natural foods with clean labels, we offer more wholesale sausage varieties than any other brand. All beginning with our family's classic recipe, they include raw and precooked pork, beef, chicken, turkey or light links and patties. And because we never use binders or fillers, they're always Certified Gluten-Free.

Our naturally cherrywood-smoked hams are exceptional. First, they’re brined for days in premium ingredients like honey granules and high-quality brown sugar. Next, we smoke them over real cherrywood for a totally authentic flavor that you can’t get with artificial liquid smoke. And because we only use fresh, whole muscles and never add ground trimmings, you get consistent texture in every bite. Available in bone-in or boneless varieties, they're perfect for ham steaks and slices.

Our wholesale bacon is unparalleled with a difference you can see and taste. First, our bacon slabs are naturally smoked with either hickory or cherrywood. Then, we dry age our bacon unlike anyone else. The process takes extra time, but we think you’ll agree that the end result is worth it.

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